We carry in our essence learning through play. The activities are focused on comprehensive education. We don’t just want to train the next generation of climbers, but we take values education very seriously. In activities in the natural environment, and specifically climbing, companionship, teamwork, commitment, empathy, creativity, etc., educational values that contribute to their personal and psychosocial development, in an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment. There are so many benefits of climbing! Both physically and mentally. In climbing we do not compete against anyone, but against ourselves. We offer to break and push our limits. Improve self-esteem, personal leadership, emotion management and the consequent conflict resolution. Leaving behind fears, expanding borders and horizons. We love to transmit our passion for the mountains, accompany you in the transition to the rock, generate environmental awareness, and promote love and respect for our environment and territory. Our challenge is to create a climate of trust to make you feel at home.



LITTLE CLIMBERS (5-6 years) + -

Extracurricular activity designed to develop the psychomotor skills of the youngest children. Using the most recreational aspect of climbing, our students will experience multiple sensations in which they will work on coordination and body perception.

GREAT ALPINISTS (7-8 years) + -

Designed by primary students and aimed at taking the first steps in the world of climbing. Fun activities with a pedagogical side, where the same curricular contents of the educational centers of the Generalitat of Catalonia will be worked on.

BOUS I (9-10 years) + -

Group designed for second-cycle primary school students. The same contents as the Great Alpinists group are worked on, but adapted to age and level.

BOUS II (9-11 years) + -

2 days of training for experienced "Bous" for whom climbing is no longer just a game. Specific training for greater development and autonomy.

Youth group + -

From the age of 12 and who believe that climbing is more than a sport. Techniques and training to get the maximum performance both on rock and in competitions.



Our team of monitors has created a surprising, fun and original way to celebrate birthdays. Circuits in the children’s area, recreational games in the Bloc area, and a first height experience in the rope area. Always accompanied by our team of monitors.
1,5h Activity – 12€/nen@ (+6 participants)


Sports camp focused on the discovery of climbing. Every day they will learn through play, the basics of block climbing and sport climbing. They will also enjoy leisure activities designed for the comprehensive education of our little ones + fabric, trapeze and slackline workshops. And in summer, 2 departures a week! Activity in the natural environment and swimming pool.



Spending quality time with your family is priceless. Do you dare to spend a different day? Leisure activity focused on having a good time with the family. We will play, laugh and test you! 1,5h – Material and monitor included.
From 20€/Participant (Group discounts)

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