A special day at school or are you looking for a different one-off activity? That’s what you were looking for. Playful activity, focused on the discovery of climbing. Our team of monitors will accompany you so that your students take their first steps in the world of climbing in a guided way. For large groups, we usually create 3-4 centers of interest (Rope, Block, Fabrics, Slackline) and rotate students between different stations.


You want to incorporate climbing into the subject of physical education?

We incorporate the contents of the curriculum of the subject of Physical Education and work on them through climbing. You will receive a personalized proposal based on the sessions you want to do, adapting the contents to your level, age and needs.


Focused on educational centers that study CFGM in Conducting Physical-Sports Activities in the Natural Environment (CAFEMN) or the Higher Degree in Socio-Sports Teaching and Animation. We adapt to your needs by teaching Sports and Block Climbing, Group Driving in the Natural Environment, Orientation, Safety (Knowledge of the material and maneuvers), Handrails, Knots, Rappelling, Rescue,… Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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